Creative Reportage Wedding Photography

I shoot creative reportage wedding photography (and other stuff too). I am very easy going, bearded, love the colour yellow best and don’t trust apples. My Style might be best described as creative reportage wedding photography. I think the best may just for you to have a look at the images and decide for yourself though. I don’t shoot ultra orthodox documentary (unless you ask me to) as I do “arrange” the odd photo, specifically your Bride and Groom Portraits. Even so, I don’t direct or pose you as a couple. I might tell you to stand here or there, or face this way or that, but I always allow you to interact with each other naturally so that in essence I am arranging the backdrop and light, not your pose or posture.  I also like to think that I am good with people, and that’s important on your wedding day, trust me, you don’t want a sergeant major to be co-coordinating your shoot. I am based in South Africa from mid to end August till mid to end May (depending on my bookings) and in The Netherlands (servicing Europe and the UK) in the rest of the year. I am available to travel to other locations throughout the year. I travel on an EU passport.