About Alfred

I am a South African born professional wedding photographer, I love the color yellow. I started out (after 3 years of study) shooting mostly editorial stories for magazine and architectural assignments for hotels and corporate clients. I always dreamed of being a full time documentary photographer. After moving with my wife and young child from the bustling city of Cape Town to the idyllic coastal town of Knysna, I started shooting weddings. My first couple of weddings were stressful, and hard but as I continued shooting and gaining experience I started to realize that I was in fact shooting documentary projects each weekend, and my dream is thus realized.

My Style

I like to think of my style as creative reportage wedding photography. I dont shoot orthodox documentary (unless you ask me to) as I do “arrange” the odd photo, specifically your Bride and Groom Portraits. Even so, I am not a great one for posing, so although I might tell you to stand here or there, or face this way or that, I will allow you to interact with each other naturally so that in essence I am arranging the backdrop, not your pose or posture.

My goal is to provide you with an emotionally accurate documentary of your big day, and incredible images that you would want to print out, frame and hang in your home, even if they did not depict you.

Where In The World Is Alfred

I am based in South Africa. I am available to travel to other locations throughout the year. I travel on an EU passport.


What is your photographic style? I like to call it Emotive Reportage. I am not a pure documentary photographer but also not prone to styling everything I see. I try to find the authentic beauty and joy in all aspects of your day. Please take the time to look through my portfolio, both the wedding, commercial and editorial work, to get an idea of my photographic style and how I see things.

Can we give you a shot list/list of images we need you to capture on our wedding day?  Yes, you can and are encouraged to give me an idea of the images you would like captured on your wedding day, I cannot make any guarantees that those images will appear in your final selection though. Planning, time, weather, chance and the general ‘mish-mash’ of the cosmos will ultimately decide on what images are shot, and are usable and beautiful on the day.

How much time do you need to shoot our wedding group photos? I request that you create a solid list of each group/family photo you want shot and appoint one person from each side of the family to be an of cial family ‘herder.’ Their task will be to get the required groups together so that I can focus of the composition and lighting for each image. This is necessary as a lot of time is wasted looking for family members that need to appear on certain group photos. This wasted time affects the amount of time we have to spend on you Bride and Groom portraits. I generally need only between 3 and 4 minutes per group shot – once each group is assembled.

How much time do you need to shoot the Bride and Groom Portraits? I will need approximately 55 minutes to create beautiful atmospheric portraits of the bride and groom. Ideally these 55 minutes should be planned to occur before the sun goes down. I will pre-plan these portraits when I reconnoiter the venue so will have a pretty good idea of available locations and lighting conditions. I encourage you (the bride and groom) to bring with a small bottle of Champagne (or whatever it is you like to have when your celebrating the most happy day of your life so far) so that you can relax and enjoy each others company while I set up each shot. I also ask that you limit the amount of guests that will accompany you for these photos. I would rather have just the bride and groom around when we shoot your portraits unless you want to include others in these images.

Will we get pictures of every single person at our wedding reception? If you have specific images you would like of yourselves with various guests, or of specific guests at the reception I ask that you accompany me for half an hour at the reception so that we can locate and photograph those guests or groups. I do endeavor to photograph everyone at the wedding, and generally do so, but as I am meeting a large group of people for the 1st time on the day I can make no guarantees. You could also create a list of reception group images you would like to have and appoint someone to accompany me for half an hour at the reception with the list so that we can lock down all those requested shots.

Can you help with timing and logistic advice? Yes, drop me a mail and I will send you through a rough shoot plan, which we can customize to suit your day.

Do you work with a second shooter? I do at times work with a second shooter (an extra cost option) – depending on the logistics for the day we can determine if a second shooter would be advisable.

Do you require a meal? Yes – if I am shooting the reception, I don’t require a place setting though, I will find a spot to sit and eat.

How does the wedding pre-meet/consultation work? It is important for me to meet you and view the venue before your wedding day. If at all possible I like to meet at the venue and also at about the same time as the wedding will be held, so that I can get an idea of the venue and the available light. If it is not possible to meet at the venue, I will meet you wherever convenient for you, and view the venue by myself. I do not charge for the consultation unless the distance required to be traveled exceeds the 40km’s included in the package – in which case I will bill you per kilometer.

May our friend or family member be the ‘other’ wedding photographer? I have no problems with guests taking pictures. I do however ask that all guests stay seated during the ceremony (nothing worse than friend or family member and his/her camera in the background of critical ceremony images) and always respect that I am the primary photographer during the course of the day. I also ask that no other photographers be present when we shoot your Bride and Groom Portraits.

Do you do video or work with a videographer? I don’t capture video or have any official ties with any videographers, but can recommend a few local guys. I do not however accept any responsibility for the quality of work delivered by anyone I recommend.

How much retouching do you do on our wedding photographs? All your selected photos will be run through my digital image work flow process. This includes but is not limited to color correction and balance, contrast and tonal values, hue and saturation as well as sharpening. This means that each image is opened individually and worked on, not bulk processed. I then create 3 treatments for you in which you will receive all your images. These include treatments like black and white, sepia, vintage and lomo. I do not do any airbrushing of skin blemishes as part of my standard packages; this may be requested on an image by image basis as an extra option.

Will we get an online wedding album? Yes, I post about 30 to 60 of your images on my website, and create a private (password protected) proofing page for your wedding with a wider selection of images for your friends and family to view and/or download files if they so wish. Give me a shout if you would like to see one of these albums and i will grant you temporary access to a current album.

Can we get a disc with every single image you took on the day? Nope – there would be no point as I give you a very wide cut of the images as it is.

Do I own the rights to the images you send me? Yes, you may do anything you want with the images except sell them on as your own as stock images. You may use the images to enter competitions and are welcome to supply other service providers with images.

Why should you book me? Book me if you love the style and aesthetic of my photography and want a calm, chilled out, happy photographer to document your wedding day.

How do we book you? I need you to sign my photographer’s contract and pay a deposit to confirm a booking.